いつでもどこでも手軽に楽しめる “ わたし専用 ” コンパクト燻製器

Can be used anywhere, anytime, for deliciously easy, “personal” compact smoking.

01. 調理が広がる♪ 
02. 持ち運び・お手入れが楽!
03. ウッドもチップも使える! 
04. Expand cooking possibilities
With small-batch smoking of various ingredients, creating original smoked dishes.
05. Portable and easy to clean!
Compact and lightweight for portability! Detachable design makes it easy to clean after use.
06. Works with both wood/logs and chips!
Recommended to use smoking wood. For chips, pairing with BAKECO (sold separately) makes lighting easy!
■材質 本体:亜鉛板、中アミ:ステンレス、ツマミ:フェノール樹脂
■サイズ φ114×H163mm
■重量 約217g
■価格 1,800円 (税込 1,980円)
■生産 日本製 ※一つひとつが職人さんの手づくり品












・[Product Details]
■ Material: Body: zinc plate, Grill: stainless steel, Handle: phenolic resin
■ Size: Φ114×H163mm
■ Weight: about 217g
■ Price: 1,800 yen (including tax 1,980 yen)
■ Made in Japan ※Each piece is handcrafted by artisans

・[Usage Precautions]
- Ensure a stable base for use, using bricks or boards to prevent scorching or fire.
- Prepare water for fire extinguishing before use for safety.
- Recommended to use "smoking wood (blocks)" as the smoking material.
- Regularly check the interior during heating to ensure no abnormalities.
- Be cautious of the temperature when using a heat source to prevent fire.
- Keep flammable items like paper away from the oven.
- The body will become very hot; be careful to avoid burns.
- After use, ensure the smoking material is completely extinguished.
- Surface discoloration due to burning is normal; continue to use.