いつでもどこでも使える 組み立て不要の“わたし専用”お手軽コンロ。

Ready to use anytime, anywhere, without the need for assembly:

“Your Personal” portable oven.

01. BBQコンロとして
02. ランタンとして
03. 小物入れとして

04. BBQ Oven
Comes with a removable middle tray for cooking with charcoal or solid fuel. It also includes a lid for easy and safe flame extinguishing.
Lift the handles on both sides to secure the grill!
05. Lantern
By threading a rope or chain through the handle and placing a candle or light inside, it can be hung as a lantern to emit a warm glow.
06. Storage for Small Items
With handles on both sides and a lid, it can be used as a storage box for small items.
■材質 本体及び蓋:亜鉛板、持ち手:亜鉛線
■サイズ φ140×H115mm
■重量 約237g
■価格 1,800円 (税込 1,980円)
■生産 日本製 ※一つひとつが職人さんの手づくり品













・[Product Details]
■ Material: Body and lid: zinc plate, Handle: zinc wire
■ Size: Φ140×H115mm
■ Weight: Approximately 237g
■ Price: 1,800 yen (tax included 1,980 yen)
■ Made in Japan ※Each piece is handcrafted by artisans
■ Produced and sold by Kohhan-shoji Co., Ltd.

・[Usage Precautions]
・Place bricks, blocks, or wooden boards under the oven during use to prevent scorching or fire.
・For safety, prepare water or other fire-extinguishing materials before use.
・When using charcoal, place it on the middle tray.
・"Briquette charcoal" is recommended.
・Ensure flammable items like paper are not placed around the oven.
・The oven will become very hot during and after use; take care to prevent burns.
・After use, make sure the fire is completely extinguished.
・The surface may discolor due to burning, which is normal; please continue to use.